That's right! Just like the Greek Gods of old, there is a holiday for pretty much everything now. Today's holiday? Microwave Oven Day! Today is a day where we remember one of the hardest working members in our kitchen. They pop our corn, warm up our left overs, cook our dinners and occasionally start screaming at us in Morse Code when it gets a little too cold (or that just might be my microwave...please tell me that I don't have the only possessed microwave)


Want to celebrate this holiday? Its not as complicated to celebrate as you may think. Just use the microwave. That simple. That easy. Make some popcorn, heat up some water for hot chocolate, or heat up anything using your microwave oven. Now you might be wondering, "Who do we have to thank for this great invention?" Well, I'm glad you asked. His name was Percy Spencer and he was an engineer during World War II. If you want to learn more about today's holiday and a little more about microwaves, then click here.

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