Bust out your monocle and top hat and enjoy a little dish of fish eggs for today is Caviar Day. You may not be aware, but this holiday was created to encourage humane and environmentally friendly fishing...so be kind to fish as you eat the babies. Caviar was typically made from sturgeon fish originally, but recently eggs of other fish are being used in caviar.

Also, caviar was not always a rich-person food. Oddly enough, it was considered useless and fed to pigs. Only was it until the end of the 18th Century did caviar end up on a dinner table.

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How can you celebrate such a momentous day? Simple. Eat caviar. This is a good day for people unfamiliar with the caviar taste to experience such a flavor, and fans should go ahead and slap some on a cracker with their best vodka to pair with it. For every kind of caviar there is a different kind of vodka pairing to go with it. For pairing information, click here. For more information on today's holiday and other ways to celebrate, click here.

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