Have you heard of this man's name? If not, you might want to look into his films. Hitchcock was a brilliant film director with psychological thriller movies. Now, the weird thing about today's holiday is the choice of date. It is not Hitchcock's birthday, nor is it the day of his passing. In fact, it seems to be a great mystery as to why March 12th is National Alfred Hitchcock Day. What is known is that "Hitchcock", starring Anthony Hopkins, was released on March 12 in honor of the master movie director. So, why was March 12th chosen for National Alfred Hitchcock Day? No one seems to have an answer for this mystery. Perhaps, we aren't meant to know. If you do happen to know why, please let us know by telling us in the comment section.

Hitchcock Drawing

If you want to celebrate today's holiday the right way, you need to have a Hitchcock Marathon. Or at the very least, watch just one of his films. He is in fact the only director to get screams from an audience in a shower murder scene with cinematography, music and chocolate syrup. In case you didn't pick up on, I'm talking about his movie "Psycho" which had all of that.


Want to see Alfred Hitchcock portrayed in a group rap battle? Click here (be warned: strong language and not suitable for children). If you want to learn more about today's holiday and other ways to celebrate, click here.

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