Who does the US government consider as the "essential critical infrastructure in the  workforce?"

The CISA, or Cyber Infrastructure Security Agency was tasked with creating the list and ten days after their original list was issued on March 19th 2020, it was updated to a 2.0 version on March 28th 2020 stating that " Functioning critical infrastructure is imperative during the response to the COVID-19 emergency for both public health and safety as well as community well-being. Certain critical infrastructure industries have a special responsibility in these times to continue operations."

Their updated '2.0' may still see more changes and updates in the days ahead.

Why the continual changes?

The short answer is that more states and local authorities have issued "Stay Home- Stay Safe Orders," in a stronger effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 making new sectors and categories of those sectors critical or essential.

Keeping in mind that the list is fluid and "advisory" in nature, our city officials have added " Day Care Workers" as essential workers in the Victoria county workforce and may continue to add more sectors or subtract as they, like the CISA receive additional advice and feedback.

According to CISA, the core Essential Critical Workforce includes but is not limited to;

  • Communications
  • Chemical
  • Critical Manufacturing
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Defense
  • Dams
  • Emergency Services
  • Energy
  • Financial
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Government Facilities
  • Health Care and Public Health
  • Information Technology
  • Nuclear
  • Transportation Systems
  • Water

Details within those sectors include:

  • Workers who support food, shelter, and social services, and other necessities of life for needy groups and individuals, including in-need populations and COVID-19 responders.
  • Workers in animal shelters.
  • Workers responsible for the leasing of residential properties to provide individuals and families with ready access to available housing
  • Workers who produce hygiene products.
  • Workers in laundromats, laundry services, and dry cleaners.Workers providing personal and household goods repair and maintenance.

For a complete detailed look inside the descriptions of the workforce within the core sectors a, please click here or peruse the CISA website.

Experts agree regardless of whether your business is considered essential or critical or none of the above, working from home whenever possible is the best way to stay safe and help is stopping the spread of COVID-19.

We've also included the 2019 CISA showcase hosted by S&T

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