Back at Comic-Con 2012, we saw a surprise teaser trailer for the 'Godzilla' reboot. It looked amazing. But what we didn't get was any clear idea when the film would start filming or hit theaters. It was all theoretically possible that the film would fall apart. But today we get some good news as it's confirmed that the new era of 'Godzilla' will begin filming in March.

Director Gareth Edwards recently put on a presentation in one of the Warner Bros. lots, showcasing his vision to the studio executives. It was make or break time for the project, which was been in development for about two years now. If the executives liked what they saw and heard, it could mean 'Godzilla' was finally happening. Well, as it turns out, they loved what they saw.

HitFix is reporting that the 'Godzilla' reboot is now on the fasttrack at Warner Bros. and has a March start date.

Of course that means there's a lot of work to get done between now and March. As of yet, no actors are attached to the film. But with the full backing of Warner Bros. (who coincidentally has another "giant monster" project coming in 'Pacific Rim'), those decisions can be made quickly and we can be that much closer to a new 'Godzilla' movie.

Though a release date has yet to be announced, with a March, 2013 start date looming, one would think a summer 2014 release date for 'Godzilla' would be perfect.

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