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Elon Musk Says People Will 'Probably' Die During Mars Excursion

In a recent interview, the SpaceX CEO said "a bunch of people will probably die" while working out the kinks of traveling to the Red Planet. He says volunteers should know what they are getting into but also that he is confident that his company could land humans on Mars by 2026. (via People)

Many Millennials Were Forced To Move Back Into Their Childhood Bedrooms

When the pandemic hit, lots of people moved back home to stay safe, save money and be near family. In fact, 52 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds — or 26.6 million adults — were living with a parent by July 2020, the highest number seen since the Great Depression. (via Fox News)

Is Kim Kardashian Dating This CNN Reporter?

Kim Kardashian and Van Jones recently sparked dating rumors. However, some allege that Kim might be using the reporter to further her law career. The two are both divorced and have reportedly been spending a lot of time together. (via Daily Mail)

Lindsay Lohan's Dad Is in Hot Water

Michael Lohan was arrested in Palm Beach for allegedly taking $25,000 in "kickbacks" for steering addicts to a Florida rehab. He is one of 117 individuals who were arrested in Palm Beach for the crime. (via New York Post)

Oklahoma Woman Has Felony Charge for Not Returning VHS Tape

When Caron McBride got married, she attempted to change her last name but was unsuccessful because of an outstanding felony charge from 1999. Apparently, she rented a Sabrina the Teenage Witch VHS tape and forgot to return it. Charges have been dropped and she is working to get it expunged from her record. (via OKC Fox)

Ed Sheeran Filming New Music Video

Ed Sheeran was seen filming a new music video in London after an 18-month break. He was spotted wearing a pink suit and fangs, posing as a vampire. The singer teased that his fourth studio album will be released in 2021. (via Irish Sun)

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