In an effort to prevent the spreading of COVID-19, the mayor and city council of Edna, TX have closed all parks. This means no more leisurely strolls through the parks as you take in the magic and beauty of nature. Now, if you want to get your walking in you are going to have to do it elsewhere and also remember to keep a minimum of 6ft away from other people.

Shelby Park, Edna, TX 77957 - Google Maps
Shelby Park, Edna, TX 77957 - Google Maps

The concern for park closure is the fact that the mayor and city council cannot come up with a feasible plan to maintain constant cleanliness in the parks to ensure public safety from COVID-19 exposure and spreading. The most at-risk-persons during the coronavirus pandemic are children, elderly, and those who have prior conditions leaving them vulnerable to infection. In an attempt to protect not just these individuals, but the public as a whole, Edna mayor Lance Smiga and the city council closed the parks of the city of Edna.

Other towns and cities may end up doing the same, so be sure you keep up to date on all information on your town's/city's progression on coronavirus safety measures. For more information on this, check out the Crossroads Today article by clicking here.

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