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Standing at the sink, she wonders just how much water she uses to wash the dishes. He is in the driveway washing his car and wondering the very same thing.

The City of Victoria now offers utility customers a way to can monitor their water usage AND as a bonus, be notified of potential leaks by signing up for WaterWise, the City’s water monitoring service, at no additional cost. Yep, it's free!

Here is what WaterWise offers you.

The service connects with customers’ water meters, which upload water usage several times each day.

Be in the know!

Customers can set their own goals for water conservation, monitor usage, and estimate their utility bills. The system will also notify residents of any sudden spike in water use, which could indicate that the resident has a hidden leak or forgot to turn off a faucet or sprinkler.

And if we have another sudden winter freeze as we experienced seven months ago, WaterWise offers another critical benefit.

According to the City of Victoria civic alert, during periods of widespread water service interruption, such as the February winter freeze, residents can use the service to help determine whether their pipes are damaged and whether water is flowing through their meters. The alert system can help residents to avoid high water bills caused by costly leaks.

If you're ready to sign up like I am, here is the link!

Just visit www.victoriawaterwise.com

Let us know via the station app how much you like the free service!

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