68-year-old Pat "Stan" Burge woke up in the middle of the night when he heard something. Around 2:15 am, Burge got out of bed after he heard noises coming from his garage. He walked up to his bedroom window to peek outside.

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When he looked out his window he noticed a gray Ford Explorer parked directly in front of his house. Burge, who is disabled, made his way downstairs and into his garage, and that's when he discovered what was causing the noise.


36-year-old Christopher Mouton was standing in the garage rummaging through things. Burge acted fast and tackled Mouton to the ground. "I wouldn’t let someone come and take everything I have. ... I fought back," Burge said.


Mouton was able to overpower Burge and began beating him. "He took a hold of me and began to pound me in the head. I thought I was going to die ... I thought I was dead," Burge said. After punching him, the burglar left the area.


With the help of neighbors, Burge was able to get a video of Mouton breaking into Burge's garage. Burge discovered that Mouton had robbed him multiple times. "He'd be coming at will -- two or three times a day during the day. It was so confusing ... how in the world would he be here and I would not hear it?" Burge said.

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Mouton was quickly located after a woman told authorities that her husband loaned the SUV to Mouton because he wasn't able to finance a vehicle on his own. Mouton had originally agreed to meet up with Burge to return some of the stolen items. However, when he arrived, officers questioned Mouton and he quickly confessed to the crimes. 

Christopher Mouton is now being held on a $250,000 bond.

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