DeLeon Elementary will be closing for a couple of weeks after a spike in COVID-19 since the beginning of the month.

Victoria ISD made the announcement on Tuesday following a report that five staff members tested positive for Coronavirus, and another seven are in quarantine as reported by Students will switch to online learning until the middle of the month.

Remote learning will give the school a chance to try and sanitize the facility over the next couple of weeks. The transition will begin tomorrow. Students and faculty have plans to return to DeLeon on November 18th.

Some parents are learning of the news on an already stressful election day are now seeking access to tech, hotspots, and other tools that may be needed for the remote learning schedule.

VISD released a statement shared by that said, "We understand this sudden transition will be inconvenient and your child will miss being in school; however, we greatly appreciate your families’ flexibility, patience, and support."

Read the press release from VISD here.

The city of Victoria offers a COVID-19 self-check online that can be printed below.

Remember the latest COVID-19 updates for Victoria County are available here with the OEM update for November 3 embedded below.

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