How do these guitars even exist? What type of simulation are we living in? Why must we live in this senseless abyss?

YouTube is the place for silly and stupid guitars. The popularity of djent has inspired the creation of some truly cursed guitars, which YouTubers such as Stevie T, Jared Dines and Davie504 have utilized for some of music’s most viral videos. Al three musicians can actually handle the beastly instruments, so respect must be paid.

Who the hell buys a 10-foot guitar, brings it out in public and flaunts their terrible chops for an online audience of millions? To be fair, it must be a nightmare to tune the world’s largest handmade guitar, but Ralph Ciociano did his best on the streets of New York City, playing along with a backing track in front of a Red freakin’ Lobster.

Why buy a guitar when you can get a FretPen, someone apparently asked. With a whopping one string and four frets, the FretPen works with your phone to replicate the entire fretboard of a standard axe. So now, you can take your classic Guitar Hero chops and create digital music with a guitar the size of a pocket rocket.

Check out these incredibly cursed guitars in the Loud List below.

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