Let's begin things with a simple question, "Do you like croissants?" If the answer is anything but yes, then this should be a good holiday for you. If you are wondering when or how this holiday came to be, then lets take a little trip down History Lane. Well for starters, the earliest recorded observance of National Croissant Day was back in 2006.

Now for the croissant itself; the first croissant is believed to have been made all the way back in 1683 during the time when the Turkish Empire was attempting to lay siege on Vienna, Austria. Now, after several failed attempts the Turks thought up of a brilliant plan to burrow under the city and dig their way in. Now that work have worked and all, but the local bakers heard the digging, reported it to the authorities, Turks were repelled (once again) and the bakers received high commendations for their work in protecting their city. Later to celebrate the defeat of the Turks, the bakers made the croissant crescent-shaped based on the symbol of the Ottoman Empire. The croissant then became a traditional part of breakfast. However, it wasn't until Marie Antoinette's introduction of the pastry to the French that it received it's name of croissant. For more information on this history lesson, click here.

Laura in the Kitchen - YouTube
Laura in the Kitchen - YouTube

Now, how to celebrate such a holiday? Well, for starters you could bake up some croissants, take them out a little early so they're nice and doughy, lightly butter, and then serve up but that's only one way to do it. You could just buy some already made croissants and not have to worry about making them yourself, but that is up to you. For some good local choices to buy croissants you may want to consider Halepaska's Bakery, Yummy Finds, Kountry Bakery, HEB, Rosita Bakery, Cimarron Express, and many more. If you want to learn more about today's holiday and other ways to celebrate, click here.

If you want to learn to make some homemade croissants, watch the video below:

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