Last week, a Corpus Christi attorney spent some time behind bars for human smuggling.  This arrest when viral this past Saturday, only, after a Constable from Galveston posted the story. Do you think this was just a bad decision to pick up hitchhikers or not? Let us know in the Facebook comments of this status.

Japhet said he was heading to an Eagle Pass casino and had his dog with him. He stopped to take his dog for a restroom break when he was approached by a man. The man asked if Japhet would give him and his friend a ride. Japhet said yes, but then two more people suddenly appeared. Japhet said he protested but felt pressured to take them. He then drove fast to get the attention of law enforcement and he did.

Japhet says deputies working with the Department of Public Safety stopped him initially and then Border Patrol showed up. He said he allowed Border Patrol to search his phone, look at his apps, and read his text messages and call log in hopes of being let go. He was not and ended up spending 6 days in jail and his dog was taken away.

According to an article published by KHOU,  Attorney Timothy Dan Japhet was cited in four cases of human smuggling. He has not been indicted or formally charged. He was released Friday after posting a $40,000 bail bond. The article states that the Attorney is out on bond until he gets indicted. He is hopeful that the case will be dropped. If indicted, this crime is a third-degree felony.

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