Congratulations to all of the winners for their effort and perseverance in not only the workplace but in everyday life. Many were selected, but only a few could win. Now, that doesn't mean the other nominees should be less recognized. Today is a day for you, and your accomplishments do not go unnoticed. These three people may be the winners for the McAdams Floral Gift Basket, but the rest of the nominees are just as important.

Winner Fern

Congratulations to Fern Garcia for winning the Administrative Assistant Day Prize. Fern works for Victoria Healthcare Services Inc, and was nominated by Juliet Salinas. Juliet had this to say about Fern:
"There is so much i can say bout my office manager aka administrative assistance Fern Garcia. She is the glue that holds the office together and without her, everything would burn! We all depend on her more than anything, especially the owner of the company! She can handle anything thrown at her as long as she can complain about it later! We are a home health agency that provides nursing and provider services and she is the one who oversees both departments and handles any issues that can come about and she handles it with patience and grace! She is a people person and the one who all clients like to speak to! Come drop by and I promise you she'll be on the phone with a smile on her face and ensuring the person on the other end! I nominate Fern Garcia to have a well deserved special day on Administrative Assistance Day!"

Winner Leslie

Congratulations to Leslie Voelkel for winning the Administrative Assistant Day Prize. Leslie works for Hunt Elementary and was nominated by Sheena Vahalik. Sheena had this to say about Leslie:
"Leslie is the heart and soul of Hunt Elementary in Cuero, TX. She can answer any question and solve almost any problem that arises. Everyone knows Leslie and respects her. She is hands down the best School Secretary a Gobbler can have."

Rocky Creek

Congratulations to Sue Long for winning the Administrative Assistant Day Prize. Sue works for Rocky Creek Baptist Church and was nominated by Tamara Brown. Tamara had this to say about Sue:
"Sue is a selfless, giving lady. She is the secretary for Rocky Creek Baptist Church. She takes care of the church in so many ways. A multi-talented individual who does not expect anything in return for all that she does. She goes above and beyond what her job duties are and does not boast on her accomplishments. If something is broken, she will fix it. If something needs done, she will do it. Sue is always ready to lend a helping hand and is so deserving of this giveaway!"

Thank you McAdams Floral for providing the prizes for the contest. Congratulations to Fern Garcia, Leslie Voelkel and Tamara Brown from 98.7 JACK-FM!


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