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The city of Victoria issued a press release this evening that removes the boil notice issued during the winter storm.

Water pressure has been restored to the city's system. Anyone still without water may still be dealing with leaks in the area or ones still being looked at. To report a leak, call 361-485-3381. For more information, visit www.victoriatx.gov/waterboil. Today's update says the city was able to confirm on Sunday evening that the water supply has tested free of any contaminants that would require residents to boil it before consumption. The water is once again safe to drink.

Videos featuring several of the city leaders included discussions about the return of water pressure and utility service throughout the county, as well as an update from the Mayor that mentions COVID-19 numbers and our falling hospitalization rate. This video can be seen below.

The winter storm really did a number on every person and every business in the county. The city is glad to announce all officers and services will return on Monday morning for regular business hours. Many phone likes will be busy with lots of residents calling questions so everyone's patience will be required and definitely appreciated.

We want to thank all the crews working hard in the aftermath of the storm. Thank you for looking after all of us and making the Crossroads the kind of community that can make it through any storm.

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