I love bowling and this now a definite road trip destination for me.

Let's face it, all bowling alleys sort of look the same. Sure, some have giant TV's suspended from the ceiling or maybe a glow in the dark alley with light up pins. I personally have never seen a themed bowling alley, until now. Allow me to introduce you to Uncle Buck's Fish Bowl and Grill.


No, not that Uncle Buck. This Uncle Buck is located in Round Rock, Texas. They have awesome unique ball returns that has your ball coming out of a shark, whale, or crocodile mouth. The lanes are painted like the ocean and all sorts of ocean wildlife surrounds your lane. They have fishbowl drinks, fish and chips, you get it, they like fish. Other food is available as well.

I've never seen a bowling alley quite like this place and I need to check it out. Uncle Bucks located at 200 Bass Pro Drive in Round Rock. They also have a location at 101 Bass Pro Drive in Harlingen, Texas. Looks like they like being near a Bass Pro Shop.

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