Gregg Allman’s upcoming book tour in support of his ‘My Cross To Bear’ memoir has been delayed so that he can undergo diagnostic cardiac testing at the Mayo Clinic’s campus tomorrow, April 27.

According to a press release the Jacksonville, Florida-based clinic will determine whether additional care is required after Allman’s recent hernia operation. “I’ve been working on the book for years and am grateful for all the support I’ve received in putting it together,” the rocker said in a statement. “As soon as doctors give me the thumbs up to go back on the road, I will be heading out onto my book tour and I can’t wait to meet all of my fans.”

Considering his recent battle with health issues, Allman’s spirit seems high. As reported earlier, this memoir is aims for a new point of view in terms of the band’s story: “I’m gonna stay on the funny side, because behind the scenes, it was hilarious.”

Allman was forced to cancel scheduled appearances on ‘the Colbert Report’ and ‘Piers Morgan Tonight,’ however his summer tour with the Allman Brothers Band is still on and is not expected to be affected by these tests. In fact, more tour dates will reportedly be announced on May 1, the same day the book launches.

The book promises to tell of Allman’s adventures onstage and off; it should be interesting to see how he weaves the aforementioned thread of humor through his accounts of the band’s many hardships. Here’s hoping he’ll soon reschedule the book tour and have the opportunity to tell his tales to the fans firsthand.


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