Were you aware that there was a holiday dedicated to candy corn? Well, now you are aware. Interesting how it falls on Halloween Eve, even though Halloween is known as All Hallow's Eve I guess this makes it All Hallow's Eve...Eve.


So go out, purchase and then eat a few pieces of candy corn. Try some new kinds or flavors of candy corn. I don't know why, but I enjoy the candy corn pumpkins over the little candy corn pieces. But don't let me decide for you which are good candy corn or not. If you are not a candy corn fan, then this holiday may not be for you but that doesn't mean you still can't have some candy corn fun.


Here's a little project goal for you (whether you like to eat candy corn or not); did you know that if you put candy corn together it starts to look like corn on the cob? Try to build your own candy corn on the cob.


(The trick is trying to find something to hold the pieces together)

If you want to learn more about today's holiday, click here. If you want a little "grown-up" making project for Candy Corn Day, then I suggest you click here. Regardless on how you celebrate today, I hope you have a "sweet" time.

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