Just about every state in the USA allows the carrying of handguns to one degree or another but, can you wear a mask while doing so?

A recent headline has been popping up on social media platforms saying that peeps who have permits to carry handguns cannot do so while wearing a mask. Wearing a mask is, of course, something everyone should be doing these days and is even legally mandated in many places. So, is this true? Do license to carry, (LTC), holders really have to choose between health and safety and just plain health?

No, they do not. Holding an LTC does not prohibit you from wearing a mask to protect your health while also carrying your handgun to protect your life.

I asked several friends ... a police officer, a sheriff's deputy and a license to carry course instructor ... about this and the answer was a unanimous and resounding NO. I even asked a lawyer, Justin Underwood of Wyatt & Underwood, who said he had triple checked and found "absolutely no prohibition".

I found this at walkertaylorlaw.com:

Whether it be under the authority of a Texas License to Carry a Handgun ("LTC") or other recognized license or permit, wearing a mask does not directly impact your right to carry. We have seen many erroneously claim online that you cannot carry a handgun while wearing a mask here in Texas; that is simply not true. License and permit holders may still carry in the manner they were lawfully allowed to in Texas before the pandemic.

Fear not fellow Texans; you can take proper health precautions, obey city ordinances, and still carry. Read more here about Texas carry laws and for more about carrying by non - LTC holders, click here. For other FAQ's, click here.

PS: As always, don't believe everything you read on Facebook or other social media. Do your own research.

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