The universe is continuing to pull a fast one on us here in Texas. First below freezing temperatures in a state that shine brighter than the sun itself, then we wake up to a winter wonderland Monday morning, now our beloved Texas gas station is beginning to get it's very essential supplies sucked entirely dry.

Buc-ee’s in Port Lavaca is out of all grades of gasoline and is currently only offering Diesel, which people seem to be loading up on.

Buc-ee’s running out of gas is like HEB running out of groceries…who let this happen?

Bucees Port Lavaca

On the gulf-coast town there are the lucky diesel cars and trucks fueling up; but those whose fuel tanks are not so compatible, are still stopping into their local Buc-cee’s, whether it be for some beaver nuggets or a fresh taco. A fresh hot taco seems to be a delicacy right now, as many residents sit in a powerless home, eagerly waiting for any sign of light or heat.

Oh, Texas, what a mess, we just really were not prepared this time around.

But let’s take it easy, they have had our backs now we have to settle down, take a deep breath, and wait it out.

According to KHOU, Buc-ee’s isn’t the only gas station with a fuel deficiency; many other gas stations across Texas are running quite low as deliveries are halted. In Austin, fuel deliveries are paused as weather conditions became risky.

For now, we can just stop by Buc-ee’s and say hi to our most beloved beaver while we grab our favorite snacks as we wait for their gas to arrive.

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