Siblings Robert and Amanda Larrivee entered into the women's bathroom of Samuel's Sports Bar in Springfield Massachusetts, with the intention of stealing the restroom's TVs. But the noise they made ripping the units from the walls alerted one of the bar's patrons, and then a bar employee quickly locked the duo in the bathroom and called the police.

Realizing they were trapped, the Larrivees knew they needed to think of a good reason Robert was in the women's bathroom. So when the cops arrived, the brother and sister claimed they had entered the ladies room to have sex.

Police weren't buying their tale, mainly because they could see a flat-screen had just been torn off the wall. But when they realized the duo were siblings, the excuse got even more ridiculous.

It was later discovered that the flat-screens were missing from the men's bathroom as well. Amanda, 30, and Robert, 38, face larceny charges.

While they probably don't get it on, we think it's safe to say this is brother and sister with a highly unusual relationship.