Congratulations to Mr Kennedy. Sharon Hardin nominated him for this prestigious Boss's Day award.



Sharon writes, "Mr. Kennedy is extraordinary in his position. He is the superintendent/principal at Westhoff ISD where he plays numerous roles. He believes our students are extraordinary. Besides education he wants to instill in students the importance of how a person represents themselves. May it be dress, behavior and manners, students are encouraged to give it their all. Mr Kennedy values his employees. He treats all employees with respect. At Christmas and Teacher's Week everyone is appreciated the same, no matter your position. Mr Kennedy works with the school board to always look for ways to help the staff. Another attribute is he believes in family. If a staff member needs to leave early (for their child's high event) or middle of the day he works with us and never gripes about it. I nominate Mr Kennedy for his heart he demonstrates daily with our students and staff. Thank you Mr Kennedy."

Tip of the headphones, Mr. Kennedy and to all bosses everywhere.

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