All the drama surrounding the recent Black Sabbath reunion and the exclusion of drummer Bill Ward has left a lot of classic rock fans disappointed (or disgusted). But one Twitter user has found humor in the situation and created a spoof account to bring a little levity to the chaos.

In case you’ve somehow missed the story, it goes something like this … contract disputes allegedly kept Ward from rejoining the Sabbath lineup, but there’s been a lot of back and forth and “he said/he said.”

Apparently, none of the guys in the band talked to each other during the contract battle, instead leaving it to their lawyers to work things out, so Ward felt he wasn’t given a say in things and ended up with what he said was an “un-signable contract.”

What we do know is Ward ultimately asked to have any pictures with him in them removed from the Sabbath website, and that the only ones who seem to be benefiting from the whole debacle are the band members’ respective legal teams.

With all that in mind, the cleverly-named Twitter account @Back_Stabbath seems to have been the brainchild of a rock fan who took the description of the mess being a “soap opera” to heart.

Take a look at some of the tweets below:

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