Lots of people have a favorite love song but, there are a couple that people keep misinterpreting.

I see couples everywhere ... ceremonies, bars, anniversary dates, etc ... singing or dedicating that "special" song to each other. The one that they feel is perfect for their partner and oh - so beautifully sums up their feelings for their better half.

Cheers to that but, these two aren't exactly what people think they are. (If you have any others, PLEASE ... put them in the comments!)

  • Better Man. Ladies, the girl in the song is just putting up with this doofus because she feels that she can't do any better. (So, stop playing it for whoever IS your better man.)
  • Lips Of An Angel.  Yes, he's explaining to her why shes the best thing in his life. However, he's doing it in a whisper because the chick he's living with/married to is sleeping nearby. It's an ode to cheating, not romance.

These last two come up a lot too but, while they're "safe", you may not understand the inspiration behind them:

  • One.  It's about the band breaking up and reuniting. I'll give couples this one though as, the sentiment does work. (Especially after an argument.)
  • What You Give. It's beautiful, well written and very heartfelt. Just so you know though, it's not about a lover.  It's about his dog.

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