After breaking out with their masterful 2016 debut album, Air, fans have been anxiously awaiting Astronoid’s next move. Today, the Boston “dream thrash” act announced a 2019 self-titled album and revealed a music video for the fresh cut “I Dream in Lines.”

With Air’s flawless mix of shoegaze, heavy metal, emo and etherial music, Astronoid became underground favorites in 2016, eventually attaining opening slots for Ghost, Periphery, Animals as Leaders, Zeal & Ardor and more. With the metal masses standing at attention, Astronoid have the opportunity to make a giant impact with their next album.

“I Dream in Lines” maintains Astronoid’s signature style while moving Brett Boland’s vocals further to the front of the mix. Atmosphere and emotion are the primary objectives throughout the track, backed by stellar drum work and fat guitar chords strummed at a black metal pace. The multimedia clip accents Astronoid’s dreamwork wonderfully, fragmenting the realms of the real and subconscious.

“After the completion of our sophomore album, we feel we have ventured further out of our comfort zone and created something special,” explains singer/guitar player Brett Boland. “The album encapsulates all the changes in our lives over the past couple of years. Astronoid is a testament to who we are as people, the music that consumes us, and the love in our lives. These songs hold a special place in our hearts and we hope that others can find the same solace in them that we have.”

Astronoid will see a Feb. 1 release via Blood Music. Check out the “I Dream in Lines” video above and click here to pre-order of Astronoid’s second album.

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