Texas Woman Sadly Fatally Shot In Apparent Road Rage Incident

Another senseless death when a man shot into a car after not being able to control his apparent road rage in Dallas Texas.

Senseless Road Rage Ends In The Death of Paola Nunez

37-year-old Paola Nunez Linares and her husband were driving in Hurst, a city between Fort Worth and Dallas, shortly after 9 p.m. when she was shot in the head after a road rage incident left her for dead.

What caused road rage? The gunman retaliated with gunfire after being flipped off.

Paola's husband, Zane Jones, offered to authorities that he was behind the wheel driving when he flipped off a driver who he left was driving aggressively on the road.

The gunman was driving aggressively.

What Jones just didn't expect was that in retaliation, the gunman heartlessly began to fire random shots into the couple's minivan which struck Paola in the back of the head. She was pronounced dead by the time the emergency response rescue team got her to the hospital.

Zane Jones wants justice.

NBC News offers this heartfelt statement from Paola's husband, Zane, "I need him caught, I need him prosecuted, I need him in prison. I need him to know he didn’t just fire a gun into a car, ‘the end,’” Jones told the station. “He killed someone who’s not like anyone.”

Someone was shot or killed in a road rage incident every 16 hours in 2022

And according to sources like GunViolenceArchive which you can view here, those numbers, sadly, continue to rise.

Here is the story covered by Fox4 News on Youtube.

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