Back in January, Amy Morkovsky developed a rash that concerned her mom. Her mom, Brandi reached out to a pediatrician about this rash.  After some blood work and many tests, the Morkavsky family learned that Amy had leukemia and it changed their lives forever.

Amy has started chemotherapy and has taken this disease head-on all while keeping her beautiful princess spirit. What an awesome example of the power of prayer. I want to send a big thank you to Amy's mom, Brandi, for sharing her daughter's fight with us.


Her current phase of treatment is called Maintenance. During this phase, she receives a majority of her treatment at home. Mom administers her Chemotherapy daily, which can be a fairly daunting task. She surely is a trooper, though! She also does go to the clinic about every 3-4 weeks for labs but the majority of her care is at home.


This heartwarming, feel-good story comes out of San Antonio!  As reported by KSAT-12, Amy Morkovsky started Pre-K 3 this week after battling Leukemia. Her mother shared a picture on Facebook of an excited Amy on her first day of School. Amy is currently in remission but is still receiving cancer treatments. Little Amy loves anything and everything princess and loves playing dress-up.  Her favorite movie right now is Frozen!  May the power of prayer continue to guide Amy!

Brandi has made it the family's mission to get as many donors out to blood drives so we don’t have to worry about the low supply.  Which for a parent can be incredibly terrifying knowing she may need one and not be able to get the blood she needs.

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