As COVID-19 vaccines make their way to cities in Texas, a San Antonio family is paying for their 13-year-old daughter Alina Valenzuela who has been admitted to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston after testing positive for the coronavirus. shared the story of the Valenzuela family after learning that an otherwise healthy teenage girl had not only caught the virus, it sent the young lady into cardiac arrest back on January 11th.

Alina lives in the Pearsall of San Antonio. She was taken to the emergency room on January 10th after complaining of chest pains. While at the hospital she tested positive for COVID-19 and was sent home. Alina's chest pain persisted the next day leading to her passing out as paramedics transported her to a San Antonio hospital. Following the cardiac arrest, doctors had Alina sent to Houston for more specialized treatment.

Right now, Alina has been through two surgical procedures to implant an Impella heart pump. A transplant may be needed if she does not respond to the implant.

Before the little girl went into cardiac arrest she made a request to her family that someone "please take care of my pets. I'm going to be home soon."

Alina is the proud owner of two dogs who are called Johngy and Bones. She also is the proud owner of Chubs the guinea pig. All the pets are being well cared for and are anxious to see their friend again soon.

If you would like to support young Alina or her family you can find a GoFundMe account that has been set up for the Valenzuela family located here.

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