What's old is new again. At least on the small screen, anyway.

One of the biggest trends in recent years is to revive popular TV shows: Full House, Gilmore Girls, Will & Grace, The X-Files and Arrested Development are just some of the series that have come back (or are scheduled to come back), giving fans with a hankering for nostalgia the fix they're craving. Heck, even Blake Lively says she'd be willing to revisit Gossip Girl.

Twin Peaks, The Muppets, Heroes, Dallas,  FameThe Comeback, The Love Boat, What's Happening!!, Leave It to Beaver -- they're just some of the many, many shows that got a second chance. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't -- recapturing that magic is akin to meeting your high school flame 20 years later and finding out things just aren't the same.

Viewers are totally okay taking that chance, though. The lure of being reunited with characters who we feel we know and have come to love is overpowering. And networks are certainly willing to take that risk, too -- it's the boob tube version of a movie sequel. Sure, the films that follow the original may not be as good, but we feel a bond with them, which means there's a demand. The same goes for TV.

Scroll through the gallery above for a look at some of the shows that we'd get a kick out of giving it another go.

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