The show must go on… All 10 of these musicians deserve your respect, because despite facing broken bones, severe cuts and more during performances, they persevered to finish the gig.

The most famous incident here belongs to Dave Grohl, who took a tumble off stage in 2015, breaking his leg. Grohl profusely apologized to the crowd, promising the Foo Fighters would return soon, but fans only had to wait minutes instead of months. After being treated offstage and fitted with a cast, Grohl appeared onstage once again, playing with the Foos in a chair and on crutches.

One of the most brutal injuries in this list came from one of Sid Wilson’s infamous stage dives. In 2008, Slipknot were headlining the Mayhem Festival when Wilson sustained two broken heels. Not only did Wilson drag himself back onstage, but he finished the show while in extreme pain.

You’ll also see Zakk Wylde’s famous “blood solo” in this list. Also taking place in 2008, Zakk sliced a finger open while playing with Ozzy Osbourne in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The guitarist bled all over the body and neck of his guitar, throwing blood into the audience and refusing to quit his solo. Wylde’s cut was so bad he had to get his hand stitched up, but it didn’t stop him from finishing the show.

Check out these 10 Rockers Who Got Injured Onstage + Finished the Show in the Loud List above.

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