With one security guard’s hilarious reaction to Dance Gavin Dance going viral earlier this month, we decided to compile the best security clips we could find. No need for critics or reviews. These guards will tell you everything you need to know.

The best moments in this Loud List are when a security guard hesitantly turns into a fan before our eyes. As a guard, you’ve got to look a little imposing for the sake of law and order, but when a Chelsea Grin breakdown kicks in, even the most hardened festival employee gets possessed by fat deathcore grooves.

In the case of one Slipknot cover band, a policeman actually joined their show. While crunching their way through “Duality,” the clown from ‘Slipknowt’ brought his beer keg down into the crowd, getting some in-time help from a cop and his night stick.

Even security guards can’t help themselves to music as up-beat as ska punk. During one Less Than Jake show, the guards didn’t just mosh along to the band, they crowd surfed across the entire pit. Two guards actually passed each other in the middle of the crowd, surfing their way to opposite ends of the venue.

Check out these 10 Hilarious Security Guard Reactions to Music in the Loud List above.

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