No band starts off crushing live shows, but if you’re just getting your feet wet, think twice about posting video online. Some of these cover band clips have gone viral, forever enshrining these poor cover acts into the annals of epic faildom.

If you haven’t seen ‘Worst Band Ever Butchers Pink Floyd,’ you haven’t spent nearly enough time on YouTube. In what’s become a legendary clip, a group of middle-aged men gathered in front of a music store to entertain the locals. Performing Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb,” the band was completely out of time, and frankly, didn’t seem to know the song at all. The destruction of David Gilmour’s iconic guitar solo is especially egregious… and we hope this gentleman was forever banned from playing Floyd, even in private.

If the creators of South Park skewered Avenged Sevenfold like they did Dio, it would sound exactly like one of the bands in this list. This cover of “Unholy Confessions” is pretty terrible, but you’ve gotta give these young men credit for keeping the energy up. Sometimes you’ve gotta fake it ’til you make it, and if you’re having a blast onstage, you’re already coming out a winner.

Speaking of Dio, one of the funniest entries in this list is a complete “Holy Diver” disaster. This heavy metal duo couldn’t even get past the main riff, unable to line up the guitar and drum parts. After two failed attempts, the guitarist started yelling at the drummer, and we’re fairly sure that’s where the scene ended.

Check out these 10 Funniest Cover Band Fails in the Loud List above.

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