What is the Top Scary Movie for Kids this Halloween?
I love the Halloween season, not only because of the candy, the kids in costumes, the decorations, but did I mention the candy, and most of all, scary movies? So many to see, so little time. But for kids, what scary movies aren't full of gore and are just good, campy fun...
Bring Your Costumes to Madi Tays
What to do with your Halloween Costumes now that Halloween is done with? Bring them to Madi Tays and donate them. Madi Tays, Chick fil A, and this station was able to donate over 20  costumes this past Halloween to kids in the crossroads area...
Halloween Safety Tips from Victoria Police Department
Halloween weekend is here. If you have kids, I'm sure they're pretty excited about trick or treating. While we do live in a pretty safe city, it's important to remember some basic safety rules for this weekend's trick or treating, courtesy of Victoria Police Department...
5 Creepy Urban Legends to Spook You This Halloween
Ah, Halloween: the one time of year when it’s completely appropriate to scare the fecal matter out of loved ones and friends. If your goal is to make sure children can’t sleep at night, a disturbing urban legend is just the ammunition you need.

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