Weird News

Happy Make A Friend Day
"Hello, how are you? My name is..."
That should be a good starting point to making a new friend. After all, today is all about making new friends. On average, we are social and strive to find others to communicate with and feel included...
Gravy and Other Disgusting Candy Cane Flavors
We all love holiday treats like candy, cookies and pies  and more, but where do you draw the line? I'll tell you, I draw the line at strange combinations. Here's one candy I'll be avoiding this year, and every year for as long as I live...
Houston ATM Mistakenly Dispenses $100s for $10s
So, you're at the ATM making a getting some cash when to your surprise, the machine is giving you 10 times as much as you ask for. Bonus, right? Usually not but, this time you're in luck!
A Houston-area ATM machine did just that a few days ago, dispensing $100 dollar bills instead of $10 bi…

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